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Take your business idea to the next level

At FARENTAL we are committed to take your business to the next level! Driven by innovation and leading technological tools that allow us to provide industry insight to all our customers. Our team has over 25+ years of experience in web design and development!

App Development Key Reasons:

Business – Developing an app for an existing business e.g. streamlining day to day activities, creating/ developing a larger target audience, decrease of business expenses etc

Start Up – Over 50% of Start Up app founders do not come from a technological background, this means finding an app development company you trust and can work with is imperative!

Charity/ not-for-profit or government organisations looking to raise awareness or improve general humanitarian well being

Custom Apps Built Specifically Towards Your Goals

We build Mobile Apps with precision and accuracy towards your relative target audiences, goals or devices you wish to reach.

App development plan synchronised with your strategy

Our web design and development company looks at factors such as timelines, budgets, development strategies and synchronises these with your sales, business, marketing and launch strategies.

Experienced and Skilled

Our team has over 25 years of experience within the website/app design and development industry. We provide honest assessments of your requirements, always putting the goals of our clients first. And, we create website and app designs that engage users!

Innovative Approach

From concept to development, our team uses an innovative approach when creating the latest web and app design and development ideas that help drive change and movement. We want your company to provide a unique web and app experience that solves users’ problems.

Holistic Approach

There isn’t just a specific way your app should function. In addition to the coding and design, our development team in Sydney uses a holistic approach, taking in consideration all factors in order to maximize and achieve the best results in offering value for the users. Our app development process includes strategy, development, and maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a mobile application usually cost?

There is not a fixed price for building a mobile application. Each mobile application has different needs, features & functions and target audience. So, how much your app costs can vary depending on complexity. We provide a detailed assessment on each feature and function of your app allowing you to have the most accurate quote and a solid financial road map. You know where each dollar is going and you can sync costs with your business plan. Contact us now to get an idea of your mobile application project!

How long does it take to build an app?

Development time frames are also a variable factor. Usually, our projects take anywhere from 4 weeks to 26 weeks. But, a first version of an app can also take longer depending on the scope of the project and the features in your app. It can take longer than initially planned if you decide to make chages mid-projects. The app development process has different stages: forming ideas and research, planning, designing, developing, testing and deploying. The time to launch your app on stores depends on the platform you use. While Apple follows a detailed reviewing process, Google uses algorithms that lower the launch time. Contact us now so we can evaluate the duration of your app project!

How can I ensure my idea is properly protected, before engaging with FARENTAL?

We ensure security of all ideas to the highest level. Should you have specific security concerns, we are more than happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and keep our conversations in private secure settings e.g. online or in the Sydney office, so that everyone involved does not disclose confidential information to competitors.

Obtain copyright intellectual property for free. To do so, you must be the one who comes up with the app idea, and not copy it from somewhere. The app idea must be novel or original, which means a function must make it unique. And, it must be “published”, in other words, submitted for approval.

You can also obtain trademark protection to prevent it from being commercially used by someone else.

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Is my app idea any good? Will it work?

Get a clear understanding of the market you’ll be dealing with. Think about the problem your app will help solve, who will be using it, what are the similar apps and how you differentiate yourself, and how it will make money.

When you contact us about your project, we provide an honest assessment on your app and web idea. And, we make key recommendations on how you can gather further evidence to solidify your idea. Our team also provides key insights into different target markets to ensure the best and most efficient outcome will be achieved for your website and app.

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How will an app improve my business?

Apps can help you grow your business in various ways. It helps decrease expenses due to less labour required and generate more income: users can for example place orders, or upgrade services. If they like your app, they will refer you to their relatives. Integrated with social media, it can act as a marketing tool. Customers can share your app or their experience with your company which is free publicity for you.

It helps increasing speed and efficiency, effectively managing clients and data etc. Your customers can access your products or services anytime they want wherever they are. Create systems within your website and app to allow customers to send suggestions. Having information accessible via an app puts your business closer to your customers. You can offer push notifications to reach your users even when they don’t have the app open.

An app should serve your business to improve its day to day activities or increase value towards your customers. Our app and web design company creates apps that help build a loyal customer base as they are a great way to communicate and engage with customers.

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I have an app idea but I don’t know where to start

No worries! Come speak to our team and we will guide you on what factors to look at before building your app.

Once you’ve done some market research and sketched your app idea, we create mockups of your app with the layout, the user interfaces and the flow. It will show you what the app looks like, and the navigation flow of your app.

We then make your app’s graphic design based on your brief or current website design. We take care of the visual details, graphic effects, and image assets.

Before your app is ready, we can help you create a landing page for it that briefly explains what the app does, who it is for and why it is helpful.

Let us create your app to get an app that empowers change and movement!

Do you build apps for both Apple iOS & Android devices?

Yes, we most certainly do! Mobile apps that we build runs both on Apple iOS and Android devices. Because we are in a multi-device world, you want your app to be able to work on several platforms. We create apps for both Android and iOS platforms using a cross-platform framework for the development of the applications.

You can also decide which operating system you’re going to launch your app on: Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. This decision depends on the feature sets (the basic functions of your app) linked to the purpose of your app.

Apple is a closed ecosystem that creates more control and stability, but has more restrictions for the developer. While Android operates on an open source ecosystem which allows for more modifications and functionality, it is less secure. So, mobile network operators sometimes block updates. Our developers can code a version of an app for Android and another one for the iPhone.

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Is Farental based in Australia?

Yes we are! Farental is a web and app design and development business based in Sydney, Australia. We provide services globally, including places like London, Singapore, and Shanghai. We are proud to represent Australian technological development on a global scale.

Come visit our office in Clarence Street, Sydney for a chat with one of our team members. If you have an idea or need assistance with a project or business, book a free consultation with us!

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